Posted by: Michele Erdvig | July 22, 2011

Friday Freebie

Northern Ireland Heritage Open Days:

September 8 – 11, 2011

Celebrate Northern Ireland’s Heritage Open Days with lots of free admissions and things to see and do. Visit over 280 venues that usually charge admission. Participate in exciting events that are planned for this year’s festival. Explore properties that are usually closed to the public and only open once a year for this special occasion. Last year over 56,500 people joined in the celebration. This year maybe one of them will be you!

  • Nature walks
  • Wildlife craft workshops
  • Visit a 6th Century island monastery
  • Learn to write with a quill pen
  • Join a 17th Century musketeer at a castle
  • Listen to stories of Viking raids
  • Search woodlands with an expert for toadstools and mushrooms
  • Tour historic houses
  • Stroll through beautiful gardens
  • Explore museums
  • Take a guided walking tour
  • Lay siege to a castle
  • Marvel at military displays
  • Listen to storytellers and musicians

The six counties in Northern Ireland send you an open invitation to visit their enchanting sights and heritage. I hope you can join them.

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