Posted by: Michele Erdvig | August 19, 2011

Friday Freebie 8-19-11 Barryscourt Castle

Barryscourt Castle

Barryscourt Castle

Barryscourt Castle is a wonderfully restored tower house, occupying a ancient site. The 16th century castle was home to the Barrymores a powerful branch of the Barry family and is in a bucolic setting near Carrigtowhill in West Cork. The informative tour tells the story of war and peace and weaves a tale of what life was like in the castle during its prime. In the great hall long tables are laid for dinner. Areas to be explored include the bedrooms, a chapel, dungeon, stumble steps, murder hole and garderobes. Replicas of original furnishings decorate some of the rooms.

Crowned by towers and crenellations, the castle is surrounded by a bawn wall containing a herb garden and orchard. The stone façade still bears marks of cannonballs and the turbulent history.

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