Posted by: Michele Erdvig | August 26, 2011

Friday Freebie: Museum of Country Life

Museum of Country Life

Museum of Country Life

The Museum of Country Life, a few miles east of Castlebar, is a modern museum and offshoot of Dublin’s National Museum. It is set in the grounds of Turlough Park House, which is also open to the public. The Folk Life Collection is devoted to the best of rural Ireland and contains tens-of-thousands of every-day items from 1850 to 1950, all categorized into various sub-genres such as furniture, clothing, farm equipment, etc. There is a café and craft shop on the premises. Free Admission. Closed Monday.

Country Kitchen

Cross of Cong

Turnip Head

Turnip Head

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  1. Michele – Is that a renegade pic of the Cross of Cong? How’d you get by the staff members enforcing the no photos rule? 🙂

  2. We were scheduled to visit this museum, but mechanical difficulties got in the way. Our tour guide arranged a visit for the next day. I really wasn’t interested, but went along dutifully. I loved it! Wouldn’t he missed it fo the world!

  3. Corey,

    I specifically asked about taking photos when I entered. They told me I could take photos but with no flash allowed. All the photos I took were without a flash. Didn’t turn out half bad. But they had good lighting. The only photo that I wanted that didn’t turn out was of the reed seat. Who would think a thatched bench would be comfortable?


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