Posted by: Michele Erdvig | December 30, 2011

Ireland Friday Freebie: Kilmalkedar

Kilmalkedar Church, Dingle Ireland

Kilmalkedar Church is a 12th century Hiberno-Romanesque ruin not far from Gallarus Oratory on the R556. The now roofless church was founded by St. Maolcethair in the 7th century but is also associated with St. Brendan the Navigator. There are some fine carvings around the arches and on the surrounding stones. The Alphabet Stone is inscribed with Ogham and Roman alphabets. An ancient sundial contains a hole and many carvings. Legend says the tall holed Ogham stone was used to seal a bargain. Today those renewing marriage vows touch fingers through the hole in the stone. Free admission. Always open.

This is the last Ireland Friday Freebie for 2011.

Kilmalkedar Sundial, Dingle Ireland

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Kilmalkedar Door, Co. Kerry, Dingle Ireland



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