Posted by: Michele Erdvig | July 1, 2013

How Much Does a Trip to Ireland Cost?

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(Updated July 1, 2013)

Every day I get emails like this one:

I want to go to Ireland. I need to know how much money to save up for the trip. How much is a round trip plane ticket? How much will the whole the trip cost?

Let me consult my crystal ball!

Pricing for a trip to Ireland depends on many different factors.


  • Will you travel with an organized tour, which includes most things such as airfare, coach travel, lodgings & meals?
  • Will you use public transportation such as trains and buses?
  • Will you travel independently and drive yourself around?
  • Will you hire a chauffeur-driven car?

Michele’s Advice:If you opt for an organized tour start your research online for tour companies and check with your favorite travel agent. Many times booking well in advance will get you a discount.

Those taking public transportation around Ireland…

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