Posted by: Michele Erdvig | November 10, 2013

10½ Facts Every Irish American Should Know


1. More people of Irish descent live in the United States of America than anywhere else, including Ireland. 





2. The architect of the White House was Irishman James Hoban, born in County Kilkenny.





3. It is St. Patrick’s Day or Paddy’s Day not Patty’s Day. Patty is a female name.








4.  Eamon de Valera, prime minister and president of Ireland, was born in Brooklyn New York in 1882.












5.  The oldest national symbol of Ireland is the harp not the shamrock.





st brendan



6. Saint Brendan of Clonfert may have discovered America in the sixth century.






walter raleigh commons




7. In 1585 Sir Walter Raleigh planted the first potatoes from the New World in Youghal, County Cork.





potato blight commons




8. The potato blight that led to the Irish Famine of the of the 1840s originated in the United States.





st patrick blue





9. The official color of Ireland not green. Ireland has no national color, although St. Patrick’s blue has long been associated with Ireland throughout history.




john barry commons




10. Wexford born John Barry founded the American Navy.






st. patrick




10½: St. Patrick was not Irish.







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