Posted by: Michele Erdvig | November 13, 2013

Autumn in Ireland


Autumn Leaves in Ireland

Cobalt blue skies, dramatic storm clouds, milky soft days, crisp starry nights, misty mornings, elusive rainbows, trees bejeweled in color – autumn in Ireland is a symphony of contrasts. September usually starts off mild. As the days creep toward October weather fronts sweep through with rain and gales, giving way to frosty nights. The days shorten and the sun takes on a mellow golden hue. Wafting peat smoke tickles your nose and leaves crunch beneath your feet. 










ImageFlowers still bloom in sheltered gardens enjoying mild weather throughout the fall months. Berries line hedgerows. Golden bales of hay are harvested on Irish farms. Stormy seas foam onto the shore. Flocks of birds form graceful ballets in the sky.  The bellowing of stags punctuates silent forests.  The pulse of the land ripens and slows. 
















In October trees usually start changing from summer green to a bounty of gold, russet and crimson. Blustery weather can strip the foliage bare leaving them as branchy skeletons. But their naked limbs allow you to admire nature’s abstract sculptures.














November brings shorter days that fade delicately into long, brisk nights – perfect for snuggling before a roaring fire. Fall’s dazzling display soon gives way to the somber winter season. But come rain or come shine, Ireland’s autumn splendor of memorable vignettes will linger in the mind till this wonderful season comes round again.  


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  2. Love the ‘ballet in the sky’ about the birds. Lovely pictures and even lovelier thoughts. Michele, you are truly an artist capturing the beauty in photos and winsome words that help us come alive in our mind’s eye. You transported me to your side. I am with you in spirit. Ahhhhhh……


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