Posted by: Michele Erdvig | April 8, 2014

Passion for Pottery: Made in Ireland and Proud of It!

Aranware Table photo

Kara Irish Pottery: Aranware

Don’t you hate shopping for souvenirs in Ireland only to find out they are “Made in China”? You want genuine Irish products to buy as gifts and keepsakes as a reminder of your Irish vacation.

Derry born Ann Mullan passionately believes in keeping it Irish with Kara Irish Pottery. Her Aranware line of pottery has sold successfully on QVC and US gift shops. The creamy color, embossed Aran-knit designs and Irish craftsmanship combine into creative patterns for bake ware and tableware designed to compliment any kitchen. But the closure of the Derry factory where the pottery was produced has caused Ann to launch a Kickstarter project to keep Aranware production in Derry Ireland.


Ann explains, “Rather than produce Aranware overseas I want to maintain my original vision of celebrating hand crafted, heritage-inspired Tableware Collections that supports the history of Irish design and our local economy.”

Ann’s long term goal is, “to develop an online marketplace for creative products from Ireland to showcase to our Irish Diaspora the wealth of design-led products produced in Ireland.”

If you are interested in helping Ann “keep it Irish” jaunt on over to her Kickstarter project or website:

Aranware teapot



Ann Mullan

Kara Irish Pottery Ltd.

Phone: 1 (800) 430 2008


Kickstarter Project

Press Release





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