Posted by: Michele Erdvig | March 2, 2018

Spring in Ireland

Ireland is getting ready for the 2018 season. I just attended a Tourism Ireland seminar and met many wonderful, enthusiastic Irish people who are waiting to welcome you to Ireland. As I prepare upcoming itineraries I am finding that even this early in the season accommodations are filling up quickly. Those who are visiting Ireland during the high season will want to book their reservations ASAP! Start your planning now and get a firm itinerary in place so you can enjoy your limited time in Ireland.

cherry tree walk afcR WEB

Why is spring my favorite season in Ireland? Below are my

Top 9 Spring Delights in Ireland: 

  1. The countryside is fresh and green – bursting with new life.
  2. Fluffy little lambs are gamboling on emerald hillsides.
  3. Trees and flowers are blooming in a colorful display.
  4. Daylight hours stretch long into the evening giving more time for sightseeing.
  5. The sightseeing venues that closed for the winter are open again.
  6. Delightful scents of bluebells, gorse and wild garlic perfume the air.
  7. It is festival time! No matter where you go you will run into fun things to do.
  8. There is music everywhere – on the streets, in the pubs and in the air.
  9. A warm Irish welcome awaits. Your hosts have had their own holiday breaks and are refreshed and ready to start a new season of welcoming visitors to their enchanted isle.

mt stewart bench afc

Get ready for your trip to the Emerald Isle! There is no better time to go. If you need help be sure to visit my free Ireland Travel Forum where friendly members will answer all your questions and jump-start your trip.

muckross lake horse WEB

Be sure to visit my Facebook group Postcards From Ireland where you can view thousands of gorgeous photos and videos of Ireland. They will really whet your appetite for a visit to Ireland.

Seans Pub afc


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