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How to Pay Your Dublin M50 Motorway Toll


The M50 toll road that rings around Dublin now has barrier-free tolls. That means you will no longer stop at a toll booth to pay. In fact all the toll booths have been removed from that motorway to cut down on traffic congestion.

How it works: Car tags are photographed and you must pay the toll by 8 pm of the day after you use the road. If you do not pay you will face penalties. If payment is not made by 8 pm of the next day a €3 administrative fine is imposed. There is a fine of €41 if not paid within two weeks. After 56 days and additional fine of €102.50 is added. After that legal proceedings can start.

Car rentals: If you are a tourist renting a car you still must pay. Contact your car hire company and ask them how they handle the M50 toll. Some will add the toll to your bill along with extra administrative costs. Others require that you pay for it personally. Some will want proof of payment so keep your receipt with your car rental agreement and have it handy when you turn your car back in.


Toll Location: The section of the M50 that is tolled is between Junction 6 (Blanchardstown exit to N3) and Junction 7 Lucan exit to N4.

Toll Amount: The toll for cars is €3.10.

 How To Pay:

Phone 1-890-501-050 to pay with a credit or debit card. Outside Ireland call 1-800 5010-5011

Online with a credit or debit card at Eflow.

Pay with cash or debit and credit card at 2,000 Payzone outlets at newsagents, petrol stations, etc.

Paying Near Dublin Airport: There are kiosks at Dublin Airport – one in arrivals and one in departures. Nearby Payzone outlets are the Esso Service Station in the airport complex and the Texaco Service Station near Swords.  Extra time will be needed when departing if you need to pay a toll.

Note: You will need your vehicle registration number (license plate # or on key ring) to pay. Save your receipts

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  1. We were on holiday in June in Ireland, we came by ferry arriving about 6am and made our way to Connemara paying at toll booths on the way. We have just received a notification for payment at a toll for the M50 which apparently had a phone number to pay by! We knew nothing about this and on speaking to other people they have been caught out at the same place. Whats wrong with a toll booth? I would be interested to know if anybody else has had this experience.

    • The toll booths have been removed from the M50 to allow traffic to flow better.

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