Posted by: Michele Erdvig | December 9, 2011

Ireland Friday Freebie: Cong Woods

Cong Woods, Co. Mayo

Cong Woods Co. Mayo. There has to be a reason John Ford chose the tiny village of Cong for his epic Irish fairy tale of a movie “The Quiet Man”. The scenery, ah the scenery! The little village is picturesque, the abbey charming and Ashford Castle is grand. But wander out in back of the abbey to Cong Woods. Cross over the river by way of the old stone bridge. Enter into the enchanted glade through a pointed archway benignly watched over by the carved head of a monk. Fallen leaves carpet the pathway. A green, mossy smell permeates the still air. Is it a Monet painting? No just the trees reflected in the still waters. Is that glimpse from the corner of your eye one of the little people? If they are to be found…perhaps here?

 Cong Gate, Co. Mayo

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Cong Arch, Co. Mayo

Cong Reflections, Co. Mayo



  1. Ten years ago we spent a week in Cong. (We stayed in a very affordable self-catering cottage at the rear entrance to Ashford Castle.) Somehow we seem to have missed all the beautiful places in your photos, although we saw many lovely places there. Guess we’ll just have to go back soon!


    • Libby,

      I hope you get to return to Ireland again soon. When you do be sure to go out back of the abbey and into Cong Woods.


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