Posted by: Michele Erdvig | December 16, 2011

Ireland Friday Freebie: Cong Abbey

Cong Abbey, Co. Mayo

Last Friday we strolled along the river and through Cong Woods. Since Cong Abbey is adjacent to the woods I thought another visit to Cong would compliment the area.

Cong Abbey is a serene ruin set beside the river in Cong village, Co. Mayo. Originally the site of a monastery founded by St. Feichin in the 7th century, the present structure was built in the 1120s by Turlough Mor O’Connor, High King of Ireland.  Rory O’Connor, the last High King of Ireland was buried there in 1198. Part of the cloister, several doorways and some nice carvings remain. But the most interesting building is the Monk’s Fishing House on an isle in the river. Though roofless now, it must have been warm and cozy centuries ago, for it has a tiny fireplace and a hole in the floor to fish through. Open daily. Free admission.

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Monk's Fishing House, Cong, Co. Mayo

Cong Abbey, Co. Mayo

King Rory O’Connor



  1. I love the monks’ idea of keeping warm while fishing. I certainly would have done the same in those days 🙂

  2. Ireland is really very beautiful place because of its natural eye pleasing views and this detail is also very beneficial for those who are Ireland lovers.

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